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‘The Adam Project’ Review: A Frustrating Time-Travel Fantasy

 The Adam Project is close enough to being a good movie that it’s actually more frustrating than an outright stinker. It boasts a promising premise, some really strong opening scenes, and a cast good enough to deliver a warm and funny movie about the passage of time and the pain of growing up. But the movie doesn’t even reach the halfway point before it pretty much abandons any interest in human emotions and turns into yet another Netflix sci-fi adventure with a lot of forgettable fight scenes and special effects. How many bland dystopias does one streaming service need? This is a story about time travel, and specifically about a man who journeys into his own past and encounters himself as an obnoxious kid. While the early scenes had me thinking about what it would be like to meet myself at 12 years old, by the end of The Adam Project the story had lost me so completely that I instead began fantasizing about all the good this kind of time travel technology could do in the hands of film